In-house powder coating is one of many elements we offer in bringing a complete solution to your needs.

Our company started with powder coating for the golf industry back in the 90’s. Since then, we have maintained a close relationship with our customers, ranging from automotive, to electronics, to metal fab.
With two overhead conveyors and one batch powder coating cell, we guarantee we’ll fulfill your expectations on delivery. We take quality to the next level by having: - 5 stage pre treatment with RO Water. - Automated spray guns. - Powder reclaim system. We also have 3 liquid paint spray booths, for our liquid paint oriented. Customers. REQUEST QUOTE
our clients
Satisfied Clients
Our clients rely on our documented quality based process and our lead times. For some of them we have built a relationship that goes for more than 20 years, committed to having the most competitive prices and deliver at the desired lead time.
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